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1 Search into millions of legal documents

  • Benefit from a Google-like search tool and look for keywords within official legal documents
  • Focus your legal searches in one single place: legislation and case law
  • Refine your searches using filters and advanced search
Build your online legal library with lex

2 Create your digital legal library

  • Easily add your own documents to the platform (public or private use)
  • Access them everywhere, from any device
  • Enjoy modern tools directly on them (search, annotations, etc.)
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3 Stay up-to-date in your law domains

  • Create alerts based on your searches
  • Get notifications when related documents are published
Bookmark legal documents in your case folder

4 Bookmark useful documents

  • Create virtual folders for your cases
  • Add documents to your folders for an easy access
Comment, highlight and annotate legal documents

5 Add your expertise on top of the documents

  • Highlight specific sections of the text
  • Write private notes related to your cases
  • Publish generic comments and contribute to the community
Collaborate with your team members

6 Collaborate with your colleagues

  • Invite colleagues to join a case (folder)
  • Share documents and notes within the team
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7 Enhance your online presence

  • Update the information of your profile
  • Gain visibility from your audience